Projector and Screen Rental Services

Magnum offers excellent projector and screen rental services to fulfill all of your needs for events. Our cutting-edge technology and outstanding customer service guarantee that any event, be it a business conference, wedding reception, or outdoor movie night, will be a huge success. Let's examine various aspects of our offerings and how they can help you.

Types of Events We Cater To

Events of many kinds, including social meetings, business functions, and entertainment events, are provided by Magnum. We provide the perfect projector and screen rental option for every event, from conferences and weddings to movie evenings and sports viewing parties.

Corporate Events

Corporate events need to be perfectly planned and executed. We provide projector and display rentals that are perfect for:

Conferences and Seminars

With our wide screens and high-resolution projectors, which offer clear, detailed visuals, you can make sure your presentations have an impact. Our equipment is perfect for videos, slideshows, and live demos because it increases audience involvement. Magnum's reliable technology and assistance guarantee a seamless conference or seminar. Make an impression on your guests with high-end audiovisual equipment.

Business Meetings

Our small projectors and portable screens provide a professional setup without taking up a lot of space for smaller gatherings. Enjoy bright, clear images that improve your lectures and presentations. The reliable equipment from Magnum guarantees a smooth integration with your meeting requirements. Your coworkers and clients will be impressed by your exceptional audiovisual solutions.

Social Gatherings

Magnum offers projector and screen rentals that will turn your social gatherings into something extremely special.


Use our finest projectors and screens to create lasting impressions during your wedding reception. They're ideal for showing films, slideshows, or live footage. No matter how big the venue, make sure everyone there shares in these important moments. Magnum's efficient apparatus guarantees excellent images and smooth integration. With our first-rate rental services, you can make your special day a memory to remember.

Parties and Celebrations

Magnum offers projector and screen rentals that will enhance your events. These rentals are perfect for showcasing family movies, image montages, and interactive games. Your guests will have more pleasure and amusement due to our top-notch equipment. Our rentals provide a lively visual element for any celebration, whether it's an anniversary, birthday, or other special occasions. Impress your guests and create memories they will never forget with eye-catching displays.

Entertainment Events

The projector and screen rentals from Magnum are perfect for a range of entertainment uses.

Movie Nights

With our top-notch projectors and screens, you can turn your backyard into an outdoor movie theater ideal for spending a movie night beneath the stars. Our equipment ensures an immersive watching experience with its amazing images and superb sound quality. Our rentals are great for getting together with friends and family for movie nights that will never be forgotten. With our excellent services, you can experience the enchantment of the movies in the comfort of your own home.

Sports Events

With our projector and screen for rent, you can bring the thrill of the game to your house or community center and throw an amazing sports viewing party. Our ultra-high-definition projectors guarantee that you won't miss anything, offering crystal-clear views and a stadium-like experience. Our equipment makes every game more exciting and is perfect for enjoying with friends and family while watching your favorite teams play. With the great rental services from us, enjoy the big game on the big screen.

How to Rent from Magnum

Simply get in touch with Magnum to discuss your event requirements and obtain an accurate estimate before renting from us. After confirmation, we'll take care of setup, pickup, and delivery to make sure your event runs smoothly.

Easy Booking Process

Our reservation procedure is simple. Start by contacting our customer support department through phone or email. You can choose the best projector and screen for your event with the help of our specialists. Confirm your reservation to secure the equipment after obtaining a competitive quotation that is designed to meet your needs. After that, we'll take care of setup, delivery, and pickup to make sure everything runs well from beginning to end.

Delivery and Setup

Magnum provides easy setup and delivery services for your event. The equipment at your venue will be installed by our skilled specialists. They will also carry out extensive testing to guarantee flawless operation. We'll quickly disassemble and retrieve the equipment after your event, making it hassle-free.

Benefits of Renting Over Buying

Magnum offers competitive rentals that save you from the initial expenses and difficulties of maintenance associated with buying. Make use of up-to-date technology and dependable assistance to ensure the success of your events without committing to long-term agreements.

Cost-Effective Solution

Magnum offers cost-effective equipment rentals that save you the expensive upfront fees of buying your own. High-end screens and projectors are available without the cost of ownership. Value for money is ensured by our competitive price, which frees up money for other necessary event expenses. We offer professional-quality audiovisuals for rent that won't break the wallet.

Access to Latest Technology

We offer rental access to the latest projector and screen technologies. Modern features and innovations are available to you without requiring regular updates. High-end equipment from well-known companies is part of our rental portfolio, guaranteeing exceptional performance and dependability. Magnum offers modern audiovisual solutions to keep you ahead of expectations for your events.

No Maintenance Hassles

Because we take care of all maintenance and repairs, renting from us avoids maintenance hassles. We regularly inspect our equipment to guarantee optimum functionality and dependability. Without having to worry about faults or interruptions, you can concentrate on your event. Magnum's rentals come with the assurance that they are in excellent condition and are ready for usage.

Magnum is the best option for projector and screen rentals, providing premium equipment at affordable prices along with excellent customer service. Whether you're organizing a social event, business event, or entertainment event, we offer the ideal option to satisfy your requirements. Contact us right now to find out more about our offerings and how we may contribute to the success of your upcoming event.


We offer a wide range of projectors, including high-definition, ultra-short throw, and 4K models. Our screens come in various sizes and formats, such as pull-down, tripod, and fast-fold screens, to suit different event needs.

Our team will help you select the appropriate equipment based on your event type, venue size, lighting conditions, and audience size. We aim to ensure you have the best setup for optimal viewing.

Yes, we offer flexible rental durations, including hourly, daily, and multi-day options. This allows you to rent the equipment for as long as you need without paying for extra time.

Yes, we provide delivery and setup services to ensure the equipment is installed correctly and functioning perfectly. Our technicians will handle everything, so you can focus on your event.

We offer on-call technical support to assist you with any issues that may arise. Our support team is ready to troubleshoot and resolve problems quickly to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Yes, we provide comprehensive training and tutorials on how to set up and operate the projectors and screens. Our guides are designed to make you comfortable with the equipment.

We recommend booking as early as possible to ensure availability, especially during peak event seasons. However, we can often accommodate last-minute requests based on inventory.

Yes, a deposit is typically required to secure your rental reservation. The amount may vary depending on the equipment and rental duration. The deposit will be refunded upon the safe return of the equipment.

Our rental packages generally include the projector, screen, necessary cables, remote control, and a carrying case. Additional accessories like speakers or stands can be included upon request.