Elevate Your Event Decor With Star cloth Rental

To give the illusion of a night filled with stars, event decorators utilize star cloth, also known as starcloth. It has microscopic LED lights woven into the cloth to mimic stars in the night sky. Due to its enchanted atmosphere, star cloth is frequently used in theatrical events, concerts, and weddings. It gives every setting or stage arrangement a compelling touch. 

The Benefits of Starcloth Rental

A captivating starry backdrop made possible by star cloth rental elevates the environment and is ideal for videos and photographs. It is simple to assemble and disassemble, saving event planners time and effort. For flawless event enhancement, Magnum provides skilled installation and flexible rental durations.

Enhanced Ambiance

Renting star cloths can create an atmosphere that's more like entering a heavenly paradise. The enchanting ambiance created by the starry background attracts guests and sets the tone for special moments. Perfect for weddings, concerts, and business events, the soft glow of sparkling lights gives a touch of charm. Magnum offers star cloth rentals that guarantee an amazing atmosphere that makes an impression.


Star cloth rentals are perfect for photography, offering a breathtaking background for capturing priceless moments. The dazzling lights of star cloth give pictures more character and depth, which improves their aesthetic appeal. Beautiful results are ensured by the gentle, ambient lighting that creates a flattering mood for group and portrait photographs. Our star cloth rentals are intended to improve the photographic experience and add magic to every image.

Easy Setup and Removal

Magnum's skilled staff takes care of the setup and removal of star cloth rentals, making the procedure simple. We guarantee a hassle-free experience, saving you time and energy when setting up and cleaning up after the event. From installation to disassembly, our professionals handle every detail, freeing you up to concentrate on other elements of your event. Magnum's star cloth rentals offer the convenience of effortless setup and removal, making them convenient.

Our Star cloth Rental Services

Magnum provides excellent star cloth rental services, with premium materials and expert installation to create an enthralling atmosphere. Our adaptable rental plans and adjustable star cloth options will elevate your event.

High-Quality Materials

The premium materials used in our star cloth guarantee durability and security for your occasion. Our materials are made to be durable and flame-resistant, ensuring a polished appearance all the way through. We put quality first to provide a first-rate service that will give you confidence and peace of mind regarding the decorations for your event. 

Tailored to Your Vision

Magnum provides customizable star cloth rentals that may be tailored to your event's theme and requirements. We can realize your concept regardless of the precise size, color, or lighting configuration you require. Our staff collaborates closely with you to make sure every aspect is perfect, resulting in a genuinely customized experience. Using star cloth that expresses your distinct vision and style, elevates your event.

Professional Installation

With precision and experience, our team of experts ensures a smooth installation of star cloth rentals. We do everything, saving you the effort and time required from setup to disassembly. Our staff takes great care to create a setting that is beyond what you've ever imagined.

Unmatched Selection

With our stunning selection of star clothes, impress your guests. We have star clothes that will suit any vision, ranging from traditional static options to LEDs that change color.

LED Starcloths

With our vibrant LED starcloths, you can elevate your event to new heights. Visualize an amazing background that changes with just a click of a button splashed with vibrant colors, eye-catching patterns, and captivating effects. Make the atmosphere precisely coordinated with your theme to give your visitors an experience they will never forget.

Static Star cloths

Our static starcloths provide your event with a touch of timeless elegance. You can choose from an exquisite selection of colors and luxurious materials to get the perfect combination to go with your interior design. These stunning backgrounds offer an element of modest sparkle that is always in trend.

Applications of Starcloth

Starcloth is used in stage design to create enchanted scenes and replicate night skies, as well as in event production for compelling backdrops.

Event Production

Starcloth is used in event production as a stunning backdrop that elevates the atmosphere of parties, weddings, corporate events, and concerts. With its sparkling LED lights, it creates an incredible ambiance that captivates guests and elevates any situation. Starcloth enhances the visual attractiveness and makes an impression on guests, whether it is utilized as a stage backdrop or as a backdrop for a photo booth. Designers and event planners like it because of its adaptability and features that may be customized.

Stage Design

Starcloth is used in stage design to create magical sceneries, imitate heavenly panoramas, and inspire amazement. The fabric's included LED lights twinkle, creating a dynamic and alluring backdrop that enhances dramatic performances. Because of Starcloth's adaptability, designers may turn regular stages into enchanted settings that draw spectators into the story. Starcloth gives a bit of fantasy and visual fascination to the stage, whether it is utilized for plays, musicals, or themed events.

Interior Decor

Starcloth is a decorative element that gives venues like nightclubs, restaurants, and themed environments a celestial beauty. With its sparkling LED lights, it can be utilized as room separators, ceiling drapes, or wall coverings to improve the atmosphere. Starcloth creates a unique environment that attracts guests by transforming everyday interiors into enchanted settings. Because of its adaptability and configurable features, it's a popular option for interior designers looking to create immersive and unique spaces.

Magnum provides an unmatched selection of star cloth backdrops, which come in dimensions varying from 4 m x 6 m to 5 m x 7 m. Elevate your ambiance to new levels and transform your event with our wide choice of solutions.


Star cloth rental involves leasing backdrops with tiny LED lights, mimicking stars for event ambiance.

Star cloth creates an enchanting atmosphere, ideal for weddings, concerts, and theatrical events.

Yes, star cloths offer a captivating background, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of photographs.

Star cloth rentals come in various sizes, including 4m x 6m and 5m x 7m, catering to different event spaces.

Yes, star cloth rentals are simple to assemble and disassemble, saving time for event planners.

Yes, star cloth rentals can be tailored to fit specific themes, colors, and lighting configurations.

Yes, premium materials ensure durability and safety, making star cloth backdrops reliable for events.

LED star cloths offer dynamic lighting effects, adding visual impact and versatility to events.

Star cloths are commonly used in stage design to create magical scenes and atmospheres.

How does star cloth rental contribute to event ambiance?

Star cloth rentals create a heavenly paradise ambiance, captivating guests and setting the tone for special moments.